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Image by Patricia Prudente

Pre-K Program (Fours)

Our program is designed to prepare your child for success in Kindergarten and beyond.

As your child is preparing for the excitement for starting school, we are providing them with the foundation of academic, fun, learning and development that will benefit them for the rest of their lives.


We have a program in place that will ensure that every child receives an accelerated foundation for elementary school.


We offer a structured learning environment similar to what you would find in a public school.


Our degreed teachers provide academic introductions to writing, language development, letter recognition, letter land, number recognition, site words, and independent reading and writing skills.

We allow students the opportunity to work well independently as well as in small groups to learn to cooperate with each other, solve problems with peers and learn to work as part of a group. In each educational experience, children will learn to apply thought, imagination and creativity to real life situations. Our children will develop math skills with a variety of materials and strategies. In addition to early opportunities to discover science activities through experimentation with materials and the discovery to the world around them.


With your child’s body and developmental skills growing at a rapid pace, our Pre-K program will provide the challenges that will keep your child happy, challenged and provide the tools that will allow them to find success in their first years of school. 

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