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Goals and Philosophies

Quality Child Care

It is our goal to help children to discover knowledge and their own individuality through love, understanding, and guidance. Our role as caregivers is to ensure that these are met to the fullest potential.

Our Goals:

1.  Develop a strong sense of self worth through nurturing the child's need to make their own individual choices through play and discipline. All children have the right to an environment of warmth and love which develops mutual respect and understanding.

2.  Develop a child's ability to communicate their needs and wants to others in a successful manner. Develop a strong communication link with the teacher and the child to enable the child and teacher to learn and grow as a whole.

3.  Develop a sense of self-discipline and responsibility for each individual child so that he or she will have the ability to identify and pursue tasks and goals set for the child.

4.  Develop a child's creativity and individuality through knowledge, openness and caring as to enable  a child to meet their fullest potential. All children have the right to a stimulating learning environment which expands and strengthens their abilities.

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