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Image by Jelleke Vanooteghem

Older Twos

30 months - 36 months

Our Terrific Twos seem to develop new skills daily!

Our twos classroom is an exciting place. Our room is set up to develop independent learning time as well as time spent in small group activities. More structure than previous classrooms. Children continue to develop their pottery training skills and develop more self-care skills.


Their day is filled with center choice activities as well as teacher directed. Lots of hands on learning with science, cooking in classroom and sensory activities.

Our older twos become more familiar with stories and books that they have the opportunity to re-create. Children are encouraged to have interaction and find that they have favorite books that they enjoy reading over and over.


Free art choice is available for creating original art masterpieces!


Our twos have plenty of opportunities to develop both fine and gross motor skills. Lots of outside learning opportunities and hands on "messy" activities!!


A great time to be a terrific two!

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